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Case Study Mcdonalds Muckraker Student Name And Id

BUENT6928 Entrepreneurship Case Study McDonalds Muckraker Student Name ID: Wei WANG (30106070) Amphaiphan Suttiphum (30107415) Sahir Sajeel (30101845) SUMMARY: To give an idea and to manufacture a product is not important for an entrepreneur; the basic purpose of an entrepreneur is to make that product or service successful in market. All this is possible when we are fully aware from those risks and profits which are associated with that product or service. Product development and market research play an important role to make that product useful and profitable in existing market. Introduction: Jenny and Garry designed a muckraker by using combination of known agricultural techniques. They used different sort of sensors and programming techniques to manufacture a muckraker which can collect manure and deposit it in a tray. They decided to call it â€Å"MCDONALADS MUCKRACKER† and registering it as a trade mark integrating yellow â€Å"M† like McDonalds fast food store. As they have used known agricultural techniques to buildup this product therefore, they will have to face lot of intellectual property issues and on the other hand, they don’t know anything about market and customers. Therefore they will have to face lot of legal and regulatory issues in near future so meet up these

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Essay about 17th Century Culture - 2079 Words

Many important pieces of literature were produced during the 17th century. One of the most prominent literary voices in history was William Shakespeare. He wrote and produced plays many famous tragedies during the early 1600’s such as Twelfth Night, Measure for Measure, Othello, Hamlet, Macbeth, and King Lear which many believe it was one of his best. Miguel de Cervantes became a legendary author when he penned the novel, Don Quixote de la Mancha. This lengthy and popular story â€Å"is considered a valuable work not only to literature buffs, but also to those interested in understanding what life was like in Spain during the reign of Kings Phillip II and III† (Taylor 101). On the other side of the world in Japan, â€Å"Kabuki emerged as a genre of†¦show more content†¦There is little to argue about when suggesting that the Baroque period of art and architecture during the 1600’s â€Å"was characterized by a positive, vigorous, and passionate styleâ⠂¬  (Gerdes 253), enveloped in lavish splendor, glorifying the imagery of highborn aristocrats, religion, and homoeroticism. The theatrical, grandiose, and ornate style was heavily influenced by Christianity, life, love, symbolism, allegory, and morbidity. The artist Michelangel Merisi da Caravaggio a leading artist during this period used a â€Å"combination of religious scenes in everyday locales filled with rough looking common people† (Kleiner 549) along with the intensity of the dramatic Baroque passion for richness in color and texture. One of Caravaggio’s most famous pieces of art was the Entombment of Christ, and David with the Head of Goliath, for which â€Å"he painted his own head as the victim, with blood drips from his freshly severed neck, sparing nobody the gory facts of decapitation† (Harris 49). The disturbed genius was also interested in the fresco painting of the Renaissance and this is perhaps what enticed Caravaggio to paint the Creation o f Adam on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The history of the Baroque period cannot be discussed further without mentioning the Dutch artist Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, whose â€Å"Baroque paintings rose to universal significance and appeal† (Gerdes 264). His style created gorgeous movement and fluidity characterized byShow MoreRelatedWilliam Shakespeare s Othello At The Globe Theater Essay1404 Words   |  6 PagesIn this drama study, an analysis of the racial xenophobia and anxiety of Anglo-Saxon culture in the 17th century performance of Othello at the Globe Theater. Othello, published in 1604, was performed at the Globe Theater in England, which provides a racially xenophobic cultural setting based on English class values as a basis for the play. Early 17th century England was an isolated island that interpreted privilege and class status on white racial perceptions that often demonized or subjugated peopleRead MoreAnalysis Of English Renaissance : Three Important Things922 Words   |  4 Pageshats with the feathers in them. Although, I do believe these were all very common things during this time period, it wasn’t the meaning behind the renaissance. The Renaissance actually means the â€Å"rebirth† and is dated from the late 15th Century to the early 17th Century. The country went through a plague where half of the population passed away from a disease that resulted in skin turning black. This was going on right before the renaissance had started, so it took away so much from the country. It wasn’tRead MoreBaroque Art Depicted the Religious Tensions During that Period801 Words   |  3 PagesBaroque art. In particular, the essay focuses on the works of Vermeer and Rembrandt, seeking to determine how their art relates to the philosophical views of Descartes. Rembrandt Rembrandt was one of the most influential Baroque artists of the 17th century, with popular works such as the Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp, the Night Watch, and Angel Leaving Tobit and Tobias (Open University of Kaohsiung). His success was based on the fact that his work did not go out of fashion. The spiritual life of HollandRead MoreThe Pros And Cons Of The Scientific Revolution804 Words   |  4 Pagesaccepting knowledge based on revealed truths, those who adopted the principles of the scientific revolution believed that truth and fact lay through first hand observation and experimentation. This skepticism formed part of the method that seventeenth-century scientist adopted to solve philosophical problems. For example, the philosopher Rene Descartes famously took these skeptical views to the theoretical limit, questioning even his own existence until he realized that the very act of doubting provedRead MoreBriefly Explain What Is Meant by the â€Å"Scientific Revolution† Tha t Took Place in Seventeenth Century Europe, and How It Marked a Departure from Ancient and Medieval Philosophy.1603 Words   |  7 PagesHIS-101 WESTERN CIVILIZATION I Briefly explain what is meant by the â€Å"scientific revolution† that took place in seventeenth century Europe, and how it marked a departure from ancient and medieval philosophy. The term  Scientific Revolution  refers to a period in the  17th century  when the intellects of Europe had a revolution. This was an illustrious time for science and the initiation of modern science. During that period famous people such as Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, and  Isaac Newton  allRead MoreHow A Family Has On A Society From Multiple Angles1427 Words   |  6 Pagesinto the next one. While looking at families across the centuries of time, one reoccurring theme seemed to appear. It was the idea of a household being run by a man. Everything in the house, from his wife to the furniture and food, belonged to him. Even in recent ages, we can see this idea of the man being the bread winner and the women being at home taking care of the kids and house. Although this might not be the case in all cultures, most societies believed in the idea of a â€Å"paterfamilias,†Read MoreReligion And Religion1112 Words   |  5 PagesReligion was involved with many things in a person’s life. It affects things like social status, relationships, the economy, culture, and politics. The complex ideas of religion and politics have shaped societies. The Puritans have set their goal to make their society and way of living connected to God in every way, shape, and form. In the seventeenth century this standard to keep God by your side has deeply affected politics and lawmakin g, and has even caused some people to be continuously persecutedRead MoreHow Croquet Became A Social Pastime During The 19th Century1344 Words   |  6 Pagesrevisions made to the standard set of rules and regula1ions in order to keep a game popularized and alluring. John Jaques surely took the role in reproducing the game and made edits in 1857, 1860, and 1864. Croquet became a social pastime during the 17th century, as it was one of few games that could be played by both sexes. Astonishingly, this only birthed more excitement for the game, as those who played were of hierarchal status, in which case meant plenty of bonding amongst the nobles. In 1865, underRead MoreThe Crucible And The Scarlet Letter1130 Words   |  5 Pagesallow you to belong in most groups. Unspoken rules are what make a group who they are. The Crucible and The Scarlet Letter both have perfect examples for the relationship between unspoken rules and belonging. Also, these works take place in the 17th century around the same area. This creates almost the same setting for both stories where the unspoken rules will be almost identical. The knowledge and ability to follow the unspoken rules will lead to your belonging. Webster’s Dictionary defines unspokenRead More Changes in the Social and Political Fabric in 16th and 17th Century Europe1112 Words   |  5 PagesThe sixteenth and seventeenth centuries were periods of questioning and searching for truth. The practice of challenging traditional institutions, including the Church, was revolutionary. Individuals began to use reason to guide their actions and opinions and realized the oppressive nature of the Catholic monarchy. Individuals strove to act in their own best interest and in the name of what was true to them. The consensus was that society would be better off with an economy that shifted away from

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A Role Of Sonnys Blues - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 803 Downloads: 9 Date added: 2019/06/24 Category Literature Essay Level High school Tags: Sonny's Blues Essay Did you like this example? Sonnys Blues was a story that can be easily resonated with for some people. The boy by which the story is named for, Sonny, had lived a very troublesome and somewhat lonely life. His older brother was the narrator of the story and only wanted the best for Sonny who was seven years younger than he was. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "A Role Of Sonnys Blues" essay for you Create order Sonny had faced many trials throughout the story including drug abuse, his decision to join the navy, and trying to start a career in music. His older brother was caring to the best of his ability, though many times he just didnt know how to react with some of Sonnys words and actions. They do their best to see each others points of view and sometimes it works better than others. In the beginning of the story, the narrator led the reader to believe something terrible had happened. At first, nobody had a clue as to what had happened or to whom, but were given an insight on what the narrator was feeling in regards to this. He described it as a great block of ice that had settled in his stomach, melted, and sent ice water through his veins. This became a recurring feeling for him. Soon, we learn that Sonny is his younger brother who is struggling with heroin addiction. There was a boy that met the narrator as he was leaving work, ready to inform him about Sonnys state. Sonnys brother had already known because of an article in a newspaper, but the two stayed chatting and the boy had answered a lot of the brothers questions. Sonny and his brother had written letters to each other until Sonny made it back to New York after rehab. His brother described him as looking older and thinner than the Sonny he once knew. Sonny had lived with his brother and his fami ly for a short time until there was a falling out. One day, Sonnys brother had asked him what he planned on doing in his future. Sonny replied with a simple Im going to be a musician. His brother was not sure how to respond so he asked a few more questions. Questions like: You mean, you want to be a drummer? and What kind of musician do you want to be? He ended up working it out of Sonny. Sonny told him we wanted to play jazz music with what their daddy had called good-time people. Sonny had made it clear that he was serious about a career in music, whether or not his brother was going to accept his decision. His brother had said it was time for get serious about his future and what he was going to do for a living. Sonny had finally said he had wanted to join the Army or the Navy, this way, he could get out of Harlem and still have the G.I. bill waiting for him when he came out. Soon after, Sonnys brother convinced him to start going back to school. Sonny agreed and also started playing the piano. Day and night, in between me als. He became better each day and even bought records that allowed him to practice improvisation with the music. Come to find out, Sonny had stopped going to school all together. Every letter that had come, Sonny had gotten rid of. Once Sonnys brother and his wife Isabel found out about this, they were very upset. After they had scolded Sonny, he packed up his records and left without a trace. Nobody had heard from him until he had sent a postcard from somewhere in Greece. He had decided to join the Navy. His brother hadnt seen him until long after the war was over, and even then, Sonny was not the same person. He had told his brother to not worry about him and as far as Sonny was concerned, he was dead in this life to his brother. Sonnys brother was crushed as he was leaving the apartment. They didnt talk for a while after that until Sonny went to his brothers house after a revival. He had invited his brother to watch a gig he had in a downtown club. His brother went with him willingly and finally came to realize how much it meant to Sonny. Sonnys music mattered to him a great deal at that point in his life. This was how he was making a living. His brother had listened to Sonny and his band play Am I Blue and at that moment, his brother realized how deeply someone could be moved through the music. Sonnys brother was able to create a story out of the blues by just listening intently. His brother had bought a round for the bandstand and the pair was at peace in their relationship once more.

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Social Class Distinction in Sir Gawain and the Green...

â€Å"Sir Gawain and the Green knight† is a romantic Middle English poem written in the fourteenth century by an unknown author. This poem is a fairy-tale like story that gives its readers a glimpse into the social class system of Medieval England. This literary work opens with the famous King Arthur, a local bishop, and King Arthur’s knights enjoying a royal feast at Camelot during the Christmas season. This poem provides an accurate depiction of the feudal system of the middle ages. Within this tale are individuals representing the â€Å"pyramid of power† that symbolizes the social class system of Medieval England. This top of the pyramid group consists of royalty, clergy and noble knights. As this mythical poem begins readers are quickly†¦show more content†¦The significance of religious leaders during this era is evident by the fact that the writer of this poem places the bishop at the beginning of the table. Due to the fact that the â€Å"medieval society was a religious society† and that these religious leaders held a special relationship with God, it is no surprise that these individuals held the second highest social class position in the medieval time period (Feudalism and the Three Orders (Overview) 2). The last level of social class presented in â€Å"Sir Gawain and the Green knight† is represented by the noble knights of King Arthur’s round table. In the European feudal system knight service was held due to the king only (knight service (feudal law) 1). Stories of brave and courageous knights are extremely common in fourteenth century literature. Knights in medieval times were those who fought to protect the king and were often considered valiant and honorable heroes. These noble men were known for their bravery and ability to fight. Gerald Morgan points out that â€Å"beautiful ladies are drawn to the presence of great knights and by the same token such knights must learn to accustom themselves to the company of beautiful ladies†(1). At King Arthur’s banquet, Sir Gawain honorably represents the knights when he â€Å"turned to the king† stating, â€Å"‘I beseech now with all courtesy that thisShow MoreRelatedHistory of British Literature3343 Words   |  14 PagesLate Medieval Period 14th Century British Literature 14th and 15th were period of transition from feudalism to pre-industrial era. A time of political, social and ideological conflicts; England was in war with France (the hundred year war 1337-1453 Edward’s claim to the French throne and attempt to bring England, Gascony and Flanders under unified political control). The defeats in France lead to deepening the internal crisis. The decline in agriculture together with the rise in the populationRead MoreThe History And Culture Of English Literature1979 Words   |  8 PagesCatholic belief during the Middle English Period which is evident in the literary works of Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. A historically non-Christian era is the backdrop Pg 1 in Beowulf but is overshadowed by the poet’s Catholic faith. In Beowulf, the poets writing based on stories of supernatural characters are demystify in Biblical passages. In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Grendel, and the many monsters are given a Biblical origin, the poet through the use of mysticismRead MoreEssay on Chivalry2466 Words   |  10 PagesChivalry Chivalry, as defined by Encyclopedia Americana is a system of values and ideals of conduct held by knights in medieval Europe. In its institutional form, chivalry was an informal, international order to which many, but not all, of the ruling class (nobility) belonged. The word is derived from the Latin caballus (horse) through the French chevalier (â€Å"horseman† or knight). Chivalry was born from Feudalism in the late middle ages introducing a new, feminine point of view stressing virtueRead More C.S. Lewis on Misunderstanding Fantasy Essay4960 Words   |  20 PagesLewis, â€Å"I mean a projection for the sake of vicarious pleasures, triumphs, and distinctions† (Lewis: An Experiment in Criticism 53). These people are readers of the lowest class, continued Lewis. However, by this he does not mean socioeconomic class, but rather a literary class based on how much the reader gains and how much he or she contributes to his or her reading. Reading takes the least out of this lowest class because it conforms to what they desire, despite it often being full of impossibilities

The First Presidential Debate in 2000 Free Essays

For the first time face to face the first debate of the 2000 presidential election was held at the campus of the University of Massachusetts. For ninety minutes last night, Democratic candidate Vice President Al Gore and Republican Candidate Governor of Texas George W. Bush battled one another over tax cuts, prescription drugs, Social Security, energy policy, abortion, and education. We will write a custom essay sample on The First Presidential Debate in 2000 or any similar topic only for you Order Now On issues such as tax cuts, the Vice President proposed a plan, which cut taxes for middle class families, balance budgets every year, and pay down the national debt. He accused the Governor of cutting taxes for only the wealthiest 1% of the population. Gore†s plan was for every $1 given to things like education and health, another $1 would be given for middle class tax cuts, and for every dollar spent there, $2 would be expended to bring down the national debt. Gore felt that it was important to resist squandering the budget surplus. He also felt the prosperity should be used to enrich families and help parents strengthen families, making sure the schools they attended were safe, and preventing exposure to â€Å"cultural pollution.† Governor Bush†s views on tax cuts differed. His proposal was to put one half towards Social Security, one fourth towards important projects and the remaining one fourth to the people who pay the bills. Also accusing Gore of â€Å"Medi Scare,† he said he would make sure all seniors have Medicare and a variety of options to choose from. He also proposed a plan, Immediate Helping Hand, in which seniors could get immediate healthcare if they needed it. Gore opposed his Medicare payment plan saying that it would fail to help seniors for the first four to five years and that Bush†s plan spends â€Å"more money on tax cuts for the wealthiest one percent, than all the spending he proposes for education, health care, prescription drugs and national defense combined.† He also had much to say about the energy crisis. He wants to explore local areas for gas and oil, thus reducing dependency upon foreign sources. Gore agreed that reliance overseas for oil should be reduced but had something else in mind to reduce it. He proposed the idea of new trucks, cars, and machinery that reduces pollution and uses less energy. Bush felt that we should, rather than import one million barrels of oil a day from Saddam Hussein, drill the oil here. He wants to also join Canada and Mexico in exploring the land for oil reserves. Out of all the comments that Bush made about Gore last night, the most prominent one probably was when he kept on asking why Gore†s priorities haven†t been accomplished by now. For example, on prescription drugs, he said, † It seems like they can†t get it done† And on energy policy to prevent future shortages he said,† He should have been tackling it for the past seven years.† Another would be when Gore did the math on Bush†s tax plan and demonstrated why it would not be a good decision, Bush replied that he was doing â€Å"fuzzy math.† and â€Å"phony numbers† They couldn†t even agree on the size of the tax cut. Bush said that he would return $1.3 trillion of the predicted ten-year budget surplus to taxpayers. Gore said it would be $600 billion more than that. How to cite The First Presidential Debate in 2000, Papers

Current Strategy free essay sample

INTODUCTION BACKGROUNDSainsbury is a UK based company whose core operation is retail business in food and non-food products and services. It is one of Britains largest retailer shop that deals in food and wine.Founded in 1869 by John James Sainsbury.Has 141,000 employees and has a sales of 23.2 billion pounds sterling.Sainsbury has continued to build more retailing businesses which has profited them (Company History). Their grocery business had a return growth in 2016/17, with a turnover of 0.3% higher in the year ended March 2017.The sales were 0.6% lower and driven down by the lower sales in the supermarkets, which was the bulk account for the company, s store-based sales.It was a good performance done by the online side of the business in which the sales grew by 8.2%.Sainsburys has also been losing shares in the recent years and sales have gradually been shifting from store to online. It does not have many larger stores compared to Tesco and ASDA and makes it less affected by the switch back to doing smaller shopping in convenient outlets (Mintel, 2018)LITERARTURE REVIEWMETHODOLOGYAccording to (Sainsbury)there are five pillars that helps with their business stsratefgy Their value makes them differentTheir values helps strengthen the relationshis with their customers, suppliers,collegues and also making commercial sense. They are committed to their suppliers and take responsibility for the communities which encourages them to be more innovative. Sainsburys sustainanbility plan focuses on where they can make the most positive impact.Colleaugues making the differenceSainsbury encourages their colleagues to expnd their skills through taking initiatives and motivating female colleagues.They were also awarded three Gold accreditation by Ivestors in people for supporting and motivating their colleagues.They make their products and services great at a fair priceThey make their food affordable for everyone. They are also building banking business to suit customer future needs. This focuses on the quality, provenance and sustainability that reassures customers that they made the right decision.The acquisition of Habitat and Argos helped speedup their strategy. Sainsbury created multi-products, multi –channel business with a fast delivery process.They are there for their customersSainsbury has made online shopping for flexible for their customers, expanding their convience store network and supermarket. With help od Argos and Habitat, customers are served quickly whenever and wherever they want to shop. They opened 60 argos didgital stores in Sainsburys markets and are planning to open 200 more.They know their customers better than anyone elseSainsbury understand their customer and do everything they can to please their customers and make sure they are satisfied with their services. They have face-to-face, telephone and online conversations to listen to the views and feedback of their customers. This gives them ideas of the the customers value and how they can serve them better. The better they know theirs, the more they can prvide them with new products and better service..Strategy(UK essays.According to (UK essay), Sainsbury works in partnership with their key stakeholders, including Government, NGOs as well as their collegues and customers to help fibd solutions. They involve the stakeholders to make sure they undertand the issues at hand. They conduct research that helps identify customers concerns. Sainsbury review issues that can harm harm the businesss ans set a contingency plan to prevent such issues. They report the process to those in charge.They also ensure that future challenges are addressed and try to find solutionsTargetsThey are focused on having committed custoomers. Making them review tprevious targets and activity. Figuring out a way to improve their services.They implement strategies that help improve their business. The company relies on 150,000 colleahues to help deliver great services to their customers every single day. They focus on diversity, equality, inclusion and flexible working patterns for their colleagues. They believe and encourage their collegues.Their colegues are motivated because their opinions are vakued and heard.They also believe in rewarding their colleagues when a good job has been done.This makes their workers work extra hard to be noticed.3. 0 SAINSBURY MARKETING ANALYSIS3.1Sainsbury Pestle Analysis(uk essays)Political factorsPolitical factors have a big influence on Sainsbury.It being one of UK largest retail industry market. As the government debts are very high. This has an impact on the attitudes of the customers and therefore putting pressure on the business. Meaning Sainsbury has to develop their business continually.But they have been able to susteain a steady growth because of their fair prices and great product quality. Economic factorsThis plays a major role to the industry. They affect demand, supply, cost and profitability. The unemployment rae and the inflation in food prices have a major effect on Sainsbury. The demand for Sainsbury product will decrease bwhich will decrease their profits and slso decrease the production of food produce.Futhermore, increasing food prices and affecting those who cant afford to purchase.In order to prevent this, they expand their market.Social factorsSainsbury has really benefited from from introducing non-food products also. They have focused on diversity and increased the female work force.They have been able to provide their customers needs with all type of products.Technological factorsSainsbury online business had made a positive impact on the business. These online operations helps the company to expand their capacity in areas of potential growing demands. As at 2009, sales has increased by 25% year after year from the services offered online. This service is available to 88% of the UK households.3. 2 Sainsbury SWOT AnalysisStrengthHigh Inventory Turnover Ratio. Sainsbury reported to have a high inventory turnover ratio of 22.6 compared to the previous year. Their inventory turnover was higher than its competititors, giving them a competitive advantage. The company took 16 days to sale its ivnetory as compared to 89 days by Home Retail. By reducing the inventory turnover days and increasing the inventory turnover, the company was able to reduce their carrying cost that help improve the performance.Multiple Channels Selling StrategySainsbury has lots of convience stores, supermarket ans online business formats. The company has 1,304 stores with the retail space of 22.8 miilion square feet, also 597 supermarkets with retail space of 21.2 million square feet and 707 convience stores with a space of 1.6 million square feet.They also have an advantage in brands awareness.WeaknessesDeclining Financial PerformanceIn the year 2015, Sainsbury revenue dectreased to 23,775 milion pounds sterling as compared to the previous year which was 23, 949 million pounds sterling. Having an annual deciline od 0. 7 %. This was due to the reduction of sales by 2% in 2015. The decline in the retail sales was due to 1.9% decrease in like-for-like retail sales. In 2015, J Sainsbury reported operating income of 81 million pounds sterling as compared to 1,009 million pounds sterling in 2014. The decline in the operating income was due to increase in the selling and administrative expenses from 444 million pounds sterling in 2014 to 1,132 million pounds sterling in 2015.It reported net loss of 166 million in 2015 as compared to net income of 716 million pounds sterling in 2014(J. Sainsbury, 2016). Sainsbury did not fully use the opportunity to ggrow nad maintain a lead in the market share. Tjey took long to make new changes and develop strategies. They also had issues with the inventory management and supplychain amangement which suffered them a loss. They havent invested enough in China because they did not understand how the operating environment work (Writepass).OpportunitiesGrowth of E-commerce in the UKThe company focuses on strengthening the presence of e-commerce to increase its revenue. The online retail marjet in the UK is expected to grow at CAGR of 8. 7% during the year 2013-2018 ,despite the economic condition, reaching a sales of 55,280.3 million pounds sterling according to in-house research.The company has taken initiatives to strengthen its online busibess. The company introduced a clotheing website for its clothing brand and had a digital magazine sevice that made its customers access more than 1,000 titles online. This gave them an advantage over its competitiors.Expanding Retail Market in the UKSainsbury has greater advantage over its competitors by expanding the retail market. The company invest 947miilions pounds sterling for opening new stores and renovating the existing ones. 101 stores were opened including 96 convinece stores and five supermarkets . They estabilished 15 Netto stores in the UK in 2015. It was also announce that in 2016, 15 new Netto stores would be opened. Expanding Sainsbury business in the UKThreatsExpansion by CompetitorsCompetirors has always been an issue for companies especially is their rivals are producing the same producets as the company and has better resources and good management. Sainsbury faces fierce competition form bith the international and domestic companies in the retail industry. Too much competition sometimes forves the company to reduces its selling price and also incease their product differentiation which also increases production cost.Tesco, ASDA and Lidl are major competitiors for Sainsbury. Tesco opened a bakery business which made it have an advantage over Sainsbury. Also Lidl opened new stores to expand its business in the retail industry. Looking at the Market Share, Tesco and ASDA comes before Sainsbury(J.Sainsbury, 2016) Food Contamination.Food security is also a major issue in the food industry. If the food produce are not well stored, they can be contaminated. Foods that are not well pacajged or well sealed, are prone to bacteria. Especially when the food is imported like poultry or livestock. These food can easily be contaminated if there is an outbreak. Diseases such Avian Influenza and swine flu can affect pork. And some customer who arent aware will buy the products and start to feel ill which eads ro food poisoning or an upset stomach.This can tarnish the repuatation of the company. They can also lose customers from this incident.Competitive rivalryThe market share of food market in the United Kingdom is concentrated. It is dominated by 4 major players namely Tesco Plc, Sainsbury, Safeway and ASDA with a combined market share of 70%.As per the annual report of 2009, Sainsbury has a national market share of 16% and its web based shopping service captures 88% of UK households.Tesco Plc and ASDA Group Limited are the 2 major competitors of Sainsbury in the United Kingdom. Sainsburys competitors have certain competitive advantage such as focus on price and value and quality service.The competitive advantage of Sainsbury has been increasing attention to quality within their own-brand products and competitive prices.Barriers of entryThe food retail industry in the United Kingdom has significant barriers of entry.As the target food market in the country is huge, the foremost issue for a new entrant is the large scale of investment required to enter and face the competition from established key players like Sainsbury, Tesco, Safeway, etc. The established competitors not only pose tough competition to new entrants in terms of market share but also have their own branded products. A new entrant would have to invest substantial time and financial resources to develop and promote its branded products.Threats of substitutesThe threat of substitutes being available in UKs food market is not a dominant issue. Unlike other products, food products come under the category of necessity. Therefore the demand for food products is ever-growing as the market evolves.Although there is an inherent internal threat such as a presence of another supermarket in the same demographic limits, the competitors are constantly bringing in innovative ideas and ways to make food shopping a pleasurable experience. A good example is the internet based shopping service provided by Sainsbury which allows 88% of the UK household customers to shop conveniently at the click of the mouse. Power of buyersIn a competitive retail food market in the United Kingdom, the power of buyers plays a very significant role. The power of buyers can determine the prices of products, the market share allocation, customer loyalty, etc.For instance if the price of milk which is a necessity product, is high in Safeway, the customers will switch to Sainsbury. As there are several supermarkets in the region, the bargaining power of the customers is very strong and the customer loyalty is very volatile.Sainsbury should constantly assess its prices and benchmark it against the main competitors prices in order to be competitive in the market.Power of sellersThe power of sellers refers to the demand of the suppliers that the retailers and the supermarkets should pay a definite price for their goods. If the retailers are reluctant to pay the price demanded by the suppliers, the products will not available for resale. This in turn will affect their customer service as the retailers will not be well-equipped to provide a wide range of products to its customers.Being a large chain of supermarkets and convenience stores, Sainsbury has an added advantage of determining the terms and prices of products from their suppliers. In addition Sainsbury has a large base of its own branded products therefore Sainsbury sho uld focus on developing marketing strategies to expand their client base and demand for their own products.CONCLUSION ; RECOMMENDATION

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How to write better essays free essay sample

Because I couldn’t come up with a fine topic idea, I think I should write my essay on how I came up with those ideas.I’m not creative you say? Not really. I said to myself no one has ever come up with this idea or tried to write this essay so, in conclusion, it’s quite original, no one has ever done it. As a matter of fact, this is my first essay for this class that I have to hand in so it has to be good or at least decent.To be honest, It is very hard to come up with ideas even when people ask you to, even my friends they always reply with the same boring answer â€Å"I took it from the teachers sheet† I was like I want to make it entertaining let’s do something no one else will ever think about doing. We will write a custom essay sample on How to write better essays or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Most of the time I come up with ideas when I’m bored or not doing anything, from time to time it even takes me an eternity since occasionally I am very tired or lazy that I cant even think of an Idea. You know, some people have the most random ideas in the world in the world which turn out to be amazingly interesting like for example what Leonardo Da Vinci did he was like â€Å"Hmm, I want people to not know what my art is and keep them guessing and thinking.† And then comes up with the bright idea of making a girl that might be unhappy and might be ecstatic. Or maybe some super fan of golf that thought to himself â€Å"Hmm, maybe so that I can always be training at my favorite sport I should make a mini golf mat and put it next to my bathroom†.If you think about it all those ideas made an impact on many peoples lives and even were mentioned in our history books.Lets think about it for another second. Do you think there is a possibility that incredible innovations and clever ideas can be discovered by being idle and thinking about the random object, articles or even thoughts?An interesting idea, that came to my mind. Is that when youre older and you pass through sch ool they always guide you through things they dont let you think alone, they decide everything for you, and that can damage your creativity in such a way that you cant think about anything or cant do anything unless the adult tells you what to do. I believe that if we think like a child, then we can start using that knowledge that we earned across the years that we stayed on this planet called earth, can make us find magnificent discoveries. Even though, that creativity and curiosity are the things that are very present in a child, that us as teenagers lose, we can still make amazing things by the logic and capacities we’ve gained over the years.